11 Ağustos 2014 Pazartesi


It’s been a decade since I update this blog. So where were we all these time ? The answer is very easy. We were very deep in the ass of universe, trying to dig up cool stuff and songs.

Last 9 months was a big challenge but it was also a good experience for us all. Erce closed himself to studio and worked on his ‘’Extreme Drumming’’ skills, I was very busy with the orchestrations and hundreds of computer problems and working on lyrical concepts, Onur was finishing his military service and Kenan was very very very busy with fucking our brain with sentences like ‘’ Dude we gotta finish this album’’.

Everyone push himself so much and  we were able to finish our own studio and working area. And I must say that it was worth the sweat and blood we shared. Now we have our own studio and we will be experimenting as long as we want on the sound of Gürz album. 

After gathering high end products for recording and mixing we tried lots of variations on our drum sound cos we were very aware that the drum sound will be the BACKBONE of this album. We never wanted to use drum machines or samples on album and try to keep the sound organic and tight.. All bands has a drummer but.......

 ‘’We have Erce’’

From the very start, all we wanted was to produce and album which is complete in any way.(Sound, Mixing, Mastering, Visuals, Arrangements, Concept etc.) And now we all feel that  (although it is not easy to do) it can be done and we are doing it. Cos we are all perfectionists and if we release something shitty and casual like all bands do, there won't be any meaning for the time we spent on this project. We are still following the dream and we are very aware that this album will be awesome.

 There are no other news for know. Next week we will be sleeping at the studio to finish this album and afterwards we wanna be back on Europe for more concerts. But this time it looks like we will be going to the other parts of the world too.
Here is the link to 'Into Cosmic Disharmony' from our album. ENJOY IT !!! 


p.s. Türkiye'nin de çok z.kinde ya :)

9 Kasım 2013 Cumartesi


I wanted to have my own blog to archive the process of preparing 'Cosmology Divine' and I wanted to explain how the songs come alive? Where they are referring to?  What do the lyrics mean and what is the inspiraton behind all these?

After the Sons of Earth and Sky EP. We had very positive reactions from the listeners. EP was downloaded over +7000 times in a month from different countries and it had a success of its  own. We made it to UKRAINE, HUNGARY and GEORGIA for live performances and we would probably go to lots of more international gigs if we wanted to. General critics to the EP was that it was a good Folk Metal Rec. but it didn't have any Eastern  influences or Eastern Instruments. So as a band we decided to make it the hard way. Although we had 10 songs which are completely arranged and ready to record. We made'em all garbage.
And that's when the process of creating COSMOLOGY DIVINE started...

In my opinion Art (in this way Music) is the reflection of our subconciousness which take form. Every word, every melody, every note has its meaning for the owner(s) of the song. If a good listener wants to learn the idea behind it (s)he must dig hard and catch the philosphy behind it. That's what I did for the past years if I was very into a song, book or sth that I liked a lot.

The album title came from nowhere. In the past 3 years my obsession to seek for more knowledge and finding the answers of my questions about universe like; How the universe was created? Where do we come from? and I started to question more and more. From that point I read books, watched documentries, had conversations with other friends, e-mailed persons which I was curious about their visions and gathered all of the materials that are in my reach. And those documentries shaped most of the lyrics of Cosmology Divine.

Eastern and Western melodies has their own beauty. Eastern melodies are mystic, catchy and havea darker ambiance in their ways. But western melodies have more passion and power. So we want to blend them in our music. I composed, ethnical arrangements for the eastern side and  orchestrations for the western side after the album title was pictured in our minds. COSMOLOGY described the Western,  DIVINE described the Eastern side of our music.

10 Songs were composed which are completely disturbing, powerful, insane and captivating. After that my challange to crown the songs with my ethnical and orchestral arrangements started. At this blog you can follow the course of events and what we are up to.

As final words, lyrically Cosmology Divine is completely reflection of my  altered mind. Twisted in some ways and completely refers to all my thought which are messing in my head but hasn't been told yet and will be formed in my lyrics.

 If you are reading this... You are about to enter my cosmos :)